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Grammar articles


The article, properly speaking, is not a distinct part of speech. lt is merely an Adjective.  How ever, the Demonstrative Adjectives "A," “An” and “The” are usually called Articles... Readmore

The Position of the Article

The article usually precedes the noun to which it be longs: A book, :he college, an ox.
If there is an adjective before the noun, the article is placed before both:... Readmore

Some important points about the use of articles

Here are some important points about the use of the Articles. These will be of great help to you in using them correctly. The Article is placed before the noun to which if belongs; as, A horse and an ass were in the field... Readmore

The use of articles

The following sentences show how any violation the rules of the correct use of Articles makes them wrong and how they are corrected...Readmore
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