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Common English Conversation Dialogues is a website of its own kind. There is no doubt that there is no dearth of website on English languages but there is always room at the top. There was a need of simple and compehensive website on English Dialogues.

This website was prepared, keeping in view the needs of English learners as well as students. We wish to learn English but we not ready to practice. Practice makes a man prefect Common English Dialogues is a wonderful Website for language pactice.

It is hoped that this web will prove a valuable asset for the general readers as well as the students provided they read it, reread it and practise it. The language of this web is simple and practical. It will be of great use.
Arif :
Good morning.
Waqas: Good morning.
Arif: My name’s Arif.
Waqas: l’m Waqas.
Arif: Nice to meet you.
Waqas: Nice to meet you too.
Arif: Where are you from?
Waqas: l’m from Lahore. What about you?
Arif: l’m from Islamabad.
Waqas: What have you come here for?
Arif: I have come to see my uncle.
Waqas: What does your uncle do?
Arif: He is a government employee.
Waqas: How long will you stay?
Arif: Only for two days.
Waqas: See you later.
learn english languages