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Common English Conversation Dialogues is a website of its own kind. There is no doubt that there is no dearth of website on English languages but there is always room at the top. There was a need of simple and compehensive website on English Dialogues.

This website was prepared, keeping in view the needs of English learners as well as students. We wish to learn English but we not ready to practice. Practice makes a man prefect Common English Dialogues is a wonderful Website for language pactice.

It is hoped that this web will prove a valuable asset for the general readers as well as the students provided they read it, reread it and practise it. The language of this web is simple and practical. It will be of great use.
Good morning, Mr. Saif. Nice to see you. Haven’t seen you for ages, man.
Saif: Hello Kashif, it’s nice to see you, too. You’re looking very smart.
Kashif: Thank you, and so are you. Wish you a happy New Year.
Saif: Happy New Year to you too. Where are you off to?
Kashif: To the Ammaret.
Saif: So am l. Usually l go late but today l’m a little early.
Kashif: l’ve some good news, I thought you’d better be aware of.
Saif: Out with it, man!
Kashif: l’ve just heard Kashif is getting married.
Saif: That’s great! Who is the fortunate girl?
Kashif: She’s a lecturer in a college.” The marriage will be some time next month.
Saif: l’m sure all of us will have a jolly good time when he throws a big party on the happy occasion. We have to arrange a grand reception in honour of his wedding.
Kashif: Sure, we’ll`see to it as soon asthe date for. The wedding is fixed. l’m meeting Kashif today. We are to meet outside his office at six in the evening.
Saif: But you are not to.tell him anything about the reception we are gcing to arrange. Let it be a surprise. l’m to meet the dentist at 6 o’clock. Otherwise, l would join you.
Kashif: ln fact, his family and mine were to assemble in his house yesterday afternoon, We were to go on a conducted tour of Ezhimala and Pallikara. We were to visit the naval base being planned at Ezhimala. Kashif being a contractor, he was to have a meeting with the architect in charge of these centers. But the trip had to be called off because of the heavy rain. Well, here we are. What’re you buying?
Saif: Fish, meat and some vegetables.
Kashif: The Samiae for me. Meat is Rs. 90, seer fish Rs. 120 and prawns Rs. 160. What shall l buy now?Fish is more expensive than meat.
Saif: Quite so. It has always been like that. But chicken is cheaper than mutton and so I always buy chicken.
Kashif: But beef is less expensive than chicken and very often l buy beef.
Saif: Yes, yes, l know beef is cheaper than chicken. But beef contains more fat and it isn't good for people who suffer from high blood pressure.
Kashif: Meat is not so expensive as fish. Fish is the most expensive and its prices range from Rs. 100 to Rs. 160 a kg. and we can’t afford to buy fish everyday at this price.
Saif: That’s because you always buy Hsh like pomfret, prawns, lobster, etc. Fish like sardines, Shahabkerel, silver belly, mullet and cat fish are cheaper. They are at the Samiae time as nutritious as the expensive ones. They may not be as tasty but sometimes you’lI have to make them do. lf you go to the seashore, fish will be cheaper there than it is in the Amrnaret.
Kashif: You’re right. Sometimes l go to the seashore. I got a big pomfret yesterday for only Rs. 80 per kg, from the beach. l had a guest at home. we were to have fish for supper but by the time we came back from the theatre, the cat had eaten it all.
Saif: You had a guest at home?
Kashif: Yes, my cousin was with us. He was to have flown to Lahore by the early morning tight but owing to poor visibility the flight was postponed.
Saif: So he came back from the airport?
Kashif: Yes. We were told the flight would take off in the afternoon when the fog cleared. Oh, l forgot to tell you what happened on our way back fromthe airport. We had a close shave. There would have been a head-on collision with another car if l had not swerved my car to a field near-by.
Saif: Oh, my goodness!
Kashif: lt seems the driver of the other car fell. asleep. The car crashed into a tree and stopped. Luckily, nobody was hurt.
Saif: Cats are said to have nine lives and you’ve still eight left.
Kashif: lf you were in my place, you wouldn‘t joke. You know Suzuki Alto is said to bethe lightest car on the road and the impact would have crushed us to death.
Saif: Was the driver honest enough to confess that he had fallen asleep?
Kashif: Yes, he was and such honest men are to be admired. The driver could have put the blame on me. That’s what the drivers usually do.
Saif: You see our national highways are said to have the highest number of accidents in the south.
Kashif: Courtesy is said to cost nothing. You know, the driver came to us and apologized. lt was an owner driven car.
Saif: You see this city is said to be the center of crime and hooliganism. He could have easily got awaywith it.
Kashif: Thank God my cousin and I have escaped unhurt. So has the other car driver.
Saif: it is Raufbly hot and I am sweating. l was to have taken a bath before l left home as usual, but there was no power supply and there was no hot water. Anyway, what were we talking' about? Yes, fish. L think fish is better than meat.
Kashif: Fish is less harmfulthan meat as it doesn’t contain so much fat as meat.
Saif: Now many people are becoming vegetarians and vegetarian food is becoming more popular.
Kashif: But it is vew difficult to change our food habits. Vegetarian food is also cheaper and at the Samiae time better for health.
Saif: Nowadays vegetables are also expensive.
Kashif: They are becoming more and more expensive but not as expensive as fish or meat. Now that we’ve bought fish and meat, let`s buy some vegetables and fruit.
Saif: Look at the price list. These vegetables were not so expensive about a year ago. If only they could be cultivated in our city, they would be cheaper.
Kashif: Yes, that’s right. They are more expensive because most of them come from outside the city.
Saif: Onion is more expensive than any other vegetable.
Kashif: Look at the price of drum sticks. They are more expensive than onions.
Saif: But they are not so essential as onions. You can’t cook without onions, can you? But you can manage without drum sticks.
Kashif: How much are these grapes?
Shopkeeper: They are 20 rupees a kilo.
Kashif: Are they as expensive as apples?
Shopkeeper: Yes, both apples and grapes cost the Samiae price. Last week apples were not so cheap as grapes. But the price of apples has come down and they are as cheap as grapes.
Kashif: How about oranges?
Shopkeeper: They are'Iess expensive than apples or grapes. These big ones cost on Rs. 15 a dozen and these small ones Rs. 12. They areiess expensive than any other fruit.
Saif: Now it is the season of oranges and they are the cheapest. Anyway, please give me rnangoes on kg. andoranges onedozen.
Kashif: The Samiae for me.
Saif: Can you carry all these?
Kashif: These bags are too heavy to carry. I think l‘lI go by bus. l’ve to go a long way and.so bus is cheaper than auto.
Saif: You’re right. My house is only a short walk from here. See you at the club in the evening.
Kashif: What time are we to be there for the meeting?
Saif: We are to be thefeat 8 o’clock. Anyway you’re not to be there any later than 8.15, when the election of office bearers takes place. l’m to 'go with my cousin to the airport in the afternoon. I’lI try my best to be back for the meeting. I hope I’II make it.
Kashif: So long!
Hawker: Sir, would you like to buy a cutlass? I have very good ones for sale.
Saif: How much do you want for this?
Hawker: This is made of high temper steel. Look at this one, not so good. But this one is special quKashifty steel, as you can see it. I’Il give it to you for ninety rupees.
Saif: Ninety rupees for a cutlassl Is it made of gold? It’s too pricey.
Hawker: But it’s worth one hundred.
Saif: Hey, young man, this is not the first time l’m buying one. About quKashifty, I know what it is. Look at the handle. I don't think it is worth ninety. I’II give you sixty.
Hawker: Sixty? Are you joking? Come on! l’ll tell you what. l’ll take eighty. Since l know you, you can have it for eighty. l`ll knock ten rupees off the price.
Saif: No, that’s still too much. I can’t afford eighty.
Hawker: Eighty. l‘m sorry, that’s my last price.
Saif: OK, let’s split the different. Seventy rupees.
Hawker: Seventy? Very well, seventy-five.
Saif: No, I can’t afford you a rupee more.
Hawker: All right, seventy, That’s my special price for you.
Saif: Shall l give you a cheque?
Hawker: Sorry, no time to go to the bank.
Saif: All right. Here you are, seventy. Thanks.
Hawker: Thank you, slr.
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